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Landlord & Tenant Board Hearings

Efficiency and expertise are what is needed from your paralegal adviser and this is where Gobin & Leyenson come in.

For Tenants

If your landlord has charged you illegal rent, did not use your “last month” deposit as a credit towards the rent, failed to pay you interest on the “last month” deposit, illegally entered your unit, changed your locks without providing replacement keys, interfered with your reasonable enjoyment of the rental unit, harassed, coerced and/or threaten you, reduced or discontinued services to your unit, failed to comply with an agreement between you and the landlord, failed to maintain or repair the unit or the residential building, etc. Contact us for help.

For Landlords

if your tenant has failed to pay rent, damaged the unit, interfered with reasonable enjoyment of the landlord(s) or other tenants, impaired the safety of another person in the complex, failed to use the unit with its designated purpose, committed an illegal act including drugs, carried on an illegal business inside the unit, or you want to evict an unauthorized tenant, or you wish to apply for increase of rent above the guidelines, etc., CONTACT US FOR HELP

Fees are based on the type of steps are required and the complexity of the case.

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