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Demand Letters

Efficiency, knowledge, experience, and professionalism are what needed from your legal team and this is where Gobin & Leyenson LLP comes in. 

Some of our clients only retain our services for the purpose of document preparation under a Limited Scope Retainer, as the value of their claim or application is low and hiring a paralegal or a lawyer simply does not make financial sense.

We review your documents and make notes during our meeting(s), to ensure all pertinent information is obtained. We then, accurately and professionally prepare your legal documents as we believe that such could be the key to your success in any legal process.

Let us help you, to ensure that all i’s are dotted and all t’s are crossed.

A demand letter or often referred to as LOD (Letter of Demand) is a letter drafted by a paralegal or a lawyer, which makes demand for payment or demand for performance of an obligation owed to you. Such letters are often used in personal injury claims, motor vehicle accidents, small claims court matters, landlord & tenant matters, to name a few. Such a document is an attempt to resolve the dispute expeditiously and financially conservatively, thus avoiding litigation and expenses for all parties involved. Such letters are least expensive way to attempt and resolve the dispute.

Contact our office today to determine if we can be of assistance. 

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